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There are many Grand Lodges throughout our country and throughout the world. This is a list of the Grand Lodges that we recognize as legitimate members of our Masonic heritage.

Argentina    Gran Logia de la Argentina
Armenia    Grand Lodge of Armenia
USA    Grand Lodge of Alabama
USA    Grand Lodge of Alaska
USA    Grand Lodge of Arizona
USA    Grand Lodge of Arkansas
USA    Grand Lodge of California
USA    Grand Lodge of Colorado
USA    Grand Lodge of Connecticut
USA    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut
USA    Grand Lodge of Delaware
USA    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Delaware
USA    Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C.
USA    Grand Lodge of Florida
USA    Grand Lodge of Georgia
USA    Grand Lodge of Hawaii
USA    Grand Lodge of Idaho
USA    Grand Lodge of Illinois
USA    Grand Lodge of Indiana
USA    Grand Lodge of Iowa
USA    Grand Lodge of Kansas
USA    Grand Lodge of Kentucky

USA    Grand Lodge of Louisiana
USA    Grand Lodge of Maine
USA    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland
USA    Grand Lodge of Maryland
USA    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
USA    Grand Lodge of Michigan
USA    Grand Lodge of Minnesota
USA    Grand Lodge of Mississippi
USA    Grand Lodge of Missouri
USA    Grand Lodge of Montana
USA    Grand Lodge of Nebraska
USA    Grand Lodge of Nevada
USA    Grand Lodge of New Hampshire
USA    Grand Lodge of New Jersey
USA    Grand Lodge of New Mexico
USA    Grand Lodge of New York
USA    Grand Lodge of North Carolina
USA    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina
USA    Grand Lodge of North Dakota
USA    Grand Lodge of Ohio
USA    Grand Lodge of Oklahoma
USA    Grand Lodge of Oregon
USA    Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
USA    Grand Lodge of Rhodes Island & Providence Plantations
USA    Grand Lodge of South Carolina
USA    Grand Lodge of South Dakota

USA    Grand Lodge of Tennessee
USA    Grand Lodge of Texas
USA    Grand Lodge of Utah
USA    Grand Lodge of Vermont
USA    Grand Lodge of Virginia
USA    Grand Lodge of Washington
USA    Grand Lodge of West Virginia
USA    Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
USA    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
USA    Grand Lodge of Wyoming
Armenia    Grand Lodge of Armenia
Australia    United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
Australia    Grand Lodge of Queensland
Australia    Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory
Australia    Grand Lodge of Tasmania
Australia    United Grand Lodge of Victoria
Australia    Grand Lodge of Western Australia
Austria    Grand Lodge of Austria
Azerbaijan    Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan
Belgium    Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium
Benin    Grand Lodge of Benin
Bolivia    Grand Lodge of Bolivia
Brazil    Grande Oriente do Brasil
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Acre
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Amazonas
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado da Bahia
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Distrito Federal
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Ceara
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Espirito Santo
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de Goias
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Maranhão
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de Mat Grosso
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica de Minas Gerais
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Para
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado da Paraiba
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Parana
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica de Pernambuco
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Piau
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de Rondonia
Brazil    Grande Loja de Santa Caratina
Brazil    Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de Sao Paulo
Bulgaria    United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria
Burkina Faso    Grande Loge du Burkina Faso
Canada    Grand Lodge of Alberta
Canada    Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon
Canada    Grand Lodge of Manitoba
Canada    Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
Canada    Grand Lodge of Newfoundland & Labrador
Canada    Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia
Canada    Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
Canada    Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island
Canada    Grand Lodge of Quebec
Canada    Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
Chile    Gran Logia de Chile
China    Grand Lodge of China
Columbia    Gran Logia Nacional de Columbia Con Sede en Barranquilla
Columbia    Gran Logia de Columbia Con Sede en Bogota, D.C.
Columbia    Gran Logia Nacional de Colombia Con Sede en Cartagena de Indias
Columbia    Gran Logia Occidental de Colombia Con Sede en Cali
Costa Rica    Gran Logia de Costa Rica
Croatia    Grand Lodge of Croatia
Cuba    Gran Logia de Cuba
Cyprus    Grand Lodge of Cyprus
Czech Republic    Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic
Denmark    The Danish Order of Freemasons
Dominican Republic    Gran Logia de la Republica Dominicana
Ecuador    Gran Logia del Ecuador
England    United Grand Lodge of England
Estonia    Grand Lodge of Estonia
Finland    Grand Lodge of Finland
France    Grande Loge Nationale Française
Gabon    Grande Loge du Gabon
Germany    United Grand Lodges of Germany Brotherhood of Freemasonry
Greece    Grand Lodge of Greece
Guatemala    Gran Logia de Guatemala
Haiti    Grand Orient d’Haiti
Honduras    Gran Logia de Honduras
Hungary    Symbolic Grand Lodge of Hungary
Iceland    Grand Lodge of Iceland
India    Grand Lodge of India
Iran    Grand Lodge of Iran (in Exile)
Ireland    Grand Lodge of Ireland
Israel    Grand Lodge of the State of Israel
Italy    Grande Oriente D’Italia
Cote d’Ivoire    Grand Lodge of Cote d’Ivoire
Japan    Grand Lodge of Japan
Lithuania    Grand Lodge of Lithuania
Luxembourg    Grande Loge de Luxembourg
Mali    Grand Lodge of Mali
Malta    Grand Lodge of Malta
Mexico    Gran Logia de Estado Aguascalinetes
Mexico    Gran Logia de Estado Baja California
Mexico    Gran Logia de Baja California Sur
Mexico    Gran Logia del Estado de Chiapas
Mexico    Gran Logia del Estado de Coahuila
Mexico    Gran Logia del Estado de Chihuahua
Mexico    Gran Logia del Estado de Guerrero
Mexico    Gran Logia del Pacifico
Mexico    Gran Logia de Estado Soberana e Independiente el Potosi
Mexico    Gran Logia del Estado de Nuevo Leon
Mexico    Gran Logia “Occidental Mexicana”
Mexico    Gran Logia Oriental Peninsular
Mexico    Gran Logia de Sinaloa
Mexico    Gran Logia de Tamaulipas
Mexico    Gran Logia Unida Mexicana
Mexico    Gran Logia Valle de Mexico
Mexico    Gran Logia de York
Moldova    Grand Lodge of Moldova
Monaco    Grand Lodge of Monaco
Montenegro    Grand Lodge of Montenegro
Morocco    Grande Loge Reguliere due Royaume du Maroc
The Netherlands    Grand East of the Netherlands
New Zealand    Grand Lodge of New Zealand
Nicaragua    Gran Logia Simbolica de Nicaragua
Norway    The Norwegian Order of Freemasons
Panama    Gran Logia de Panama
Paraguay    Gran Logia Simbolica del Paraguay
Peru    Grand Lodge of Peru
Philippines    Grand Lodge of the Philippines
Portugal    Grande Loja Legal De Portugal
Puerto Rico    Gran Logia Soberana de Puerto Rico
Republic of San Marino    Serenissima Gran Loggia Repubblica Di San Marino
Romania    National Grand Lodge of Romania
Russia    Grand Lodge of Russia
El Salvador    Gran Logia “Cuscatlan” de la Reupública De El Salvador, Centro América
Scotland    Grand Lodge of Scotland
Senegal    Grande Loge du Sénégal
Serbia    Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia
Slovakia    Grand Lodge of Slovakia
South Africa    Grand Lodge of South Africa
Spain    Grand Lodge of Spain
Sweden    Grand Lodge of Sweden
Switzerland    Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland
Togolaise    Grande Loge Nationale Togolaise
Turkey    Grand Lodge of Turkey
Ukraine    Grand Lodge of Ukraine
Uruguay    Grand Lodge of the Freemasonry of Uruguay
Venezuela    Gran Logia de la Republica de Venezuela



Grand Officers

M.W. Richard MaggioWilliam Parkman Lodge, Woburn

DEPUTY GRAND MASTERR.W. John F. SullivanMorning Star Lodge, Worcester


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